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How to Store Your Green Tomatoes!

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If you’ve hit the end of the season and are wondering what to do with all the green tomatoes your garden is still handing out, I hope this helps you!

This is the easiest tip ever. 

Take all your unblemished tomatoes and put them in a cool, dark place, spread out on newspaper. Leave a little space between them for air flow. 

They will slowly keep ripening over a couple of months, keeping you in fresh tomatoes for a while. We’ve eaten tomatoes well into December this way, one year it was the first week of January the last few were shriveling up and I turfed them. I think that’s a pretty decent stretch to keep your own garden tomatoes. 

Green Tomatoes in Garage

You will want to check them every few days to get rid of any that start spoiling, but it sure saves money on grocery store trips  for a while.

But there are other super ways to use green tomatoes as well.

Here is a list for you to research for what interests you! After all, there’s no point in making something no one in your household is going to eat.

One last tip: Pinterest is your friend here 😉 A five minute search on Pinterest revealed some of the following gems to add to my own collection of recipes.




  • Green Tomato Salsa
  • Green tomato chutney
  • Green tomato pie -yup, I’m going to add a recipe below for this one, and I’m telling you, if you do this right, you would never know it’s not apple pie.
  • Salsa Verde
  • Pickled green tomatoes
  • Fried green tomatoes
  • Green tomato and apple chutney
  • Green tomato jam
  • Corn and green tomato salad
  • Green tomato and cheese muffins
  • Green tomato quick bread
  • Green tomato and tomatillo enchiladas
  • Green tomato and goat cheese toast
  • Green tomato hot dog relish
  • Green tomato cake
  • Green tomato mince meat
  • Green tomato spice cake
  • Bermese green tomato salad
  • South Indian green tomato dahl

And the list goes on…and on…

So, my friend, after this you will never be at a loss again as to what to do about your extra tomatoes! There is always a solution.

Now one of the best pies I ever tasted, was from an old friend who has since passed on. He was a masterful southern cook, and a good baker. One day I had stopped in at his place, and he had made a green tomato pie. If they had not told me, I would not have known it wasn’t apple pie. It was perfect with icecream too.

Here was his trick to this miracle:

  • Make your crust, for bottom and top.
  • Slice up your tomatoes thinly and put in the pie pan, sprinkling with your apple pie spices and brown sugar, starting with the sugar on the bottom. Use your favorite apple pie recipe.
  • The key, he said, before you put the top crust on, is to sprinkle 1-2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar all over the top of the tomatoes, add the top crust, and bake as usual.

And that is the secret.

What do you do with your green tomatoes? Do you have a favorite recipe to share? Leave me a comment below!

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the green tomato pie sounds amazing… i’ve not got a working oven at the moment or i might have tried it. thank you for sharing that.


Thanks for this! I made four batches of Salsa, one batch of green tomato mincemeat, and still have lots of green tomatoes. Love the recipes you posted! 🙏🏼🙌🏼