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How to Make Refrigerator Pickles-Easy Preserving

The best refrigerator pickles are made with simple ingredients and a specific ration of vinegar, water, and salt. Photo by luiza_83


Refrigerator pickles are the go-to solution for busy people with odds and ends of vegetables coming in from the garden, not enough to make a full batch of anything, but enough that you want to do something with them. And if you love pickles, this recipe is a standard for ratios of salty, sour, and sweet if you like. You will find very similar recipes all over the internet, they are a classic for a reason.

You can adapt this recipe with more or less salt if you like, more garlic if you like garlicy pickles. If you like mustard pickles, add a teaspoon or tablespoon of mustard, or however much you like. These are your pickles, you can make them a jar or two at a time. If you don’t like a certain combination of spices, a jar isn’t a big waste to start over.

The best part is, you can have your jar of brine in the fridge, and even if you only have a cucumber or two (or green beans or carrots etc) at a time, you can add in what you have for several days until the jar is full.

Please note that these are not processed to keep on the shelf, they should be kept refrigerated and used in a reasonable amount of time. The vinegar gives it a high acidity content which is a great preservative.

Here is your link to download the recipe or print it out, or scan the QR code!   

I would love to hear how your pickles turn out. Leave a comment below with your wins or questions!

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