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7 Reasons You Want to Plant Calendula

7 Reasons You Want to Plant Calendula! Calendula is one of those amazing and versatile plants that I started growing a few years ago. It had always held a fascination, the medicinal properties, the edible-ness of its bright, cheery blooms, and its tough ability to grow anywhere and adapt. The best part is that it… Read More 7 Reasons You Want to Plant Calendula

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How to Grow Chamomile

If you’re a super-conscientious gardener, learning how to grow chamomile might require a change in thought processes. The great thing about this plant is that you do not need to ‘improve’ your soil. In fact, this plant is much happier in poor, sandy soil, and will not thrive in the richer soils required for many other… Read More How to Grow Chamomile